Carmen Olaya

Co-creator of “errequeerre” in Tarragona (2012 …)
Also from “Les îlles d’Olaya” …. (2004 … 2009)
I “Blue Iguana” … (1991 … 2009).

Spaces where “things happen”, beyond the purely commercial act.
Spirals, twists and circles
Color, heat and poetry
Magic and Joy are palpable in the intervening corners.

“Beauty as the only protest that is worth it”

Come on … participate.

○ ° ○ ° ○

Art and gem.
Wire to the mermeaids ..
Silver, alpaca, bronze, jewels …
Exclusive pieces that are mixed and amalgamated with humble buttons, boulders and other treasures that the low tide reaches and gives away.
… They are resting in the sand of the memories of those who visit us.
Single experience
Unparalleled experience

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